Burnie Airport


Flight schedules

Check your Flight
Remember you should be at the Airport at least 40 minutes before your flight as most flights board 10 minutes prior to departure.  You can check your flight arrival time courtesy of Flight Aware.

Rex (Regional Express Airline)

Connecting Melbourne and Burnie

$129 Flights to Melbourne
Every Day, Every Flight (conditions apply)

Bookings           13 17 13                www.rex.com.au

Flight schedules

Why drive to Launceston or spend 11 hours at sea when you can fly with Regional Express seven days a week to Melbourne and beyond.  See your local travel agent or call 131713 or book on the Rex website www.rex.com.au

If you are flying to or from another destination other than Melbourne  - you can book through Virginblue or the airline of your choice and transit to REX at Melbourne.  When booking online it is two mouse clicks or a phone call to your travel agent.

Automatic baggage transfer to Virginblue
REX’s interline agreement with Virginblue provides a seamless on-carriage of checked-in baggage for transfer  to or from a destination other than Melbourne  and not part of the REX network. Just inform staff of your intentions when booking.

Booking facilities are not available at the Airport

Sharp Airlines

Connecting King Island and Burnie and Launceston and Burnie

Bookings             1300 55 66 94      www.sharpairlines.com